Founded in November of 1997 and based in the historic maritime City of New Bedford, our mission is “to promote Azorean culture and Azorean whaling heritage by raising awareness and pride within the Azorean –American community of New England and recognizing the rich maritime heritage commonly shared for more than 150 years between New Bedford and the Azores”. Our first challenge was the construction and completion of our two whaleboats, the Faial and the Pico…a daunting task for a young organization. Faial and Pico are stored in Casa Dos Boates, located adjacent to the New Bedford Whaling Museum in downtown New Bedford.

Dr. Mary T. Vermette was our first President. Her tenacity cannot go without mention. Dr. Vermette’s persistence coupled with the unwavering support of the Whaling Museum made this dream a reality. Today the two boats joined by a third, the Bella Vista are emissaries of this mission. Through participation in competitions, parades, expositions and through regular use during the summer season by our members and the community these boats promote conversation about our shared maritime heritage…that of the Azores and the United States.

We are a membership based organization and we are always looking for new members to help support our mission.

Azorean Maritime Heritage Society Board of Directors

Tony Cruz, President
Robyn Branco, Vice President
Lee Socorro, Secretary
Rosemary Rebello, Treasurer
Julliette Amaral
Paul Curado
Paulo Baptista
Rui Machado
Lara Harrington
Sara da Silva Quintal
Donald Rei
Melissa Branco
Fernando Viveiros

The following items are for sale:

vest – $30
hat – $20
windbreaker – $50
tote bag – $25

Please contact Lee Socorro to purchase – leesocorro@gmail.com



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